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Compressed fluid technologies
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There are a number of calls which involve green fluid technologies ...

Carbonized water

When carbon dioxide dissolves in water it solubilizes partly as CO2 and partly as carbonic acid which dissociates to bicarbonate and hydronium ions:


CO2 + H2O -> CO2 (aq) + H2CO3 +H (cation) + HCO3 (anion)


The solution becomes acidic.

The pH of water saturated with CO2


Data from: G.Peter van Walsum, Severity function describing the hydrolysis of xylan using carbonic acid.
Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Vol. 91-93, 2001, p. 317-329.


Technical uses

Carbonized water can be used as a mild hydrolysis medium for converting carbohydrates to monomeric sugars.


At VTT, one of the supporting members of Compressed Fluid Technologies, it was found that the yield of arabinose from sugar beet pulp could be doubled by running the hydrolysis in CO2-saturated water instead of plain water.

(More info from olli.aaltonen (att)


Other research groups have succesfully demonstrated the carbonic acid hydrolysis enhancement with corn stover, starch and xylan.