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Supercritical CO2 extraction of lipids from oat grain

Fractionation of oat grains

A recent study showed that removing lipids from oats enabled the concentration of starch, protein, lipids and cell wall into specific fractions. By first removing most of the lipids allowed the defatted residue to be milled and air classified to obtain fractions. In this way a cell wall fraction with 33,9 % beta-glucan was obtained, compared to 17,1 % without lipid removal with scCO2. The removal of lipids also enabled obtaining an oat protein fraction with a protein concentration of 73 %. Extraction was tested both in 10 litre and in 210 litre extraction vessels. Up to 85 % of the neutral triglycerides and less than 2 % of the polar lipids were removed by scCO2 extraction.


J.Sibakov, O.Myllymäki, U.Holopainen, A. Kaukovirta-Norja, J.M.Pihlava, K.Poutanen, P.Lehtinen. Lipid removal enhances separation of oat grain cell wall material from starch and protein. Journal of Cereal Science 54 (2011) 104-109.