Finnish Chemical Society

Compressed Fluid Technologies

A division of the Finnish Chemical Society


The division was founded in April 2000. At the time its name was Supercritical Fluid technologies. In 2006 the scope was widened to cover other pressurized green fluids as well (especially hot water) to reflect the expanded activities of the members. The name was changed accordingly.


The Compressed Fluid Technologies is a non-profit, expert network between universities, research institutes, process technology consultants, engineering companies and industry (food, nutraceuticals, pharma, cosmetics, pulp & paper, petrochemicals and plastics). The scope of the division covers industrial-, pilot-scale-, and laboratory-scale applications.


Our activities include symposiums, publishing general articles on green fluid technologies and giving public credit (and cash) to excellent graduate work or dissertations made in a Finnish university.


We always welcome interested individuals or organizations to join the division. Please contact the chairman: Kari Hartonen, kari.hartonen{@}, tel: +358 9 191 50265 or the secretary: Eila Järvenpää, eila.jarvenpaa{@}, tel: + 359 40 726 5671. You may also download the membership form and send it to the secretary.


The Compressed Fluid Technology does not carry annual membership charges from individuals.


The Finnish Chemical Society (Suomalaisten Kemistien Seura), est. 1970, manages three independent parallel societies: The Finnish Chemical Society (Suomalaisten Kemistien Seura ry), The Finnish Society of Chemical Engineers (Kemiallisteknillinen Yhdistys) and the mainly swedish speaking Chemical Society of Finland (Finska Kemistsamfundet).

The society has 17 divisions.